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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just FYI

All the edits I did on my poems I just pasted over the old poems, so if you wanted to reread them, oh faithful followers, the new and hopefully improved versions are now on display for your endless enjoyment.
About Time
Recipe For Fail-Proof Invisibility (formerly known as See Through)
What's Mine is Yours (actually this one didn't change since I thought it was already as near to perfection as I could possibly squeeze out)
Easy Come

I'll think of something else to let loose on here soon. I'm pretty busy with a lot of school writing and other homework. And I'm actually doing most of it, believe it or not.


Jarom X said...

Hey there, I came across these by way of a forgotten bookmark. They're wonderful; I wanted to see if they were published- especially "Recipe for Fail-Proof Invisibility" and "What's Mine is Yours."

It would be great to share them in print. In the meantime, I hope it will be alright to send people your way, or at least your site's way.

Again, very well-written. Thank you!

emilyf said...

of course, I love traffic. The kind that heads my way. Or right, my blog's way...

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