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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

28-year-old To Do List

My poetry teacher last semester had us write up a list of things we would accomplish in the next year, a list with as many items as we will have years behind us. These are the 28 things I came up with.

(1)  Dip naked into water outdoors
(2)  Operate a heavy construction machine
(3)  Romantically share an Umbrella with a man
(4)  Blog once a week
(5)  Listen to a mountain
(6)  Eat a spoonful of sugar after I take some medicine

(7)  Float down the river

(8)  Take a hitchhiker wherever it is he or she needs/wants to go
(9)  Empty my car trunk, vacuum it out
(10)  Take a Nap in a hammock

(11)  Perhaps join a protest

(12)  Ask Jason out (unless he’s gay; then be his friend and find someone else to ask out)
(13)  Narrow down my body fat percentage
(14)  Take a (second) Date to Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors and ask my 31 Flavor Questions while we eat ice cream (but not enough to negate previous item)

(15)  Compose several “poetraits” for family and friends

(16)  Activate a stagnant brother or sister, even just a little
(17)  Dust
(18)  Raise Donations for a charitable organization

(19)  Yoga more

(20)  Actually create definition in my calf muscles
(21)  Take my Nephews on a spectacular outing, maybe to the zoo

(22)  Save money for the future

(23)  Eliminate half my stuff. I obviously don't need what sits in boxes more than half the year
(24)  Investigate something that puzzles me, like the funny bone or Lady Gaga
(25)  Grant a wish
(26)  Have a poem published somewhere awesome
(27)  Send Thank you letters in the mail

(28)  Play the piano more; really learn Clair de Lune

Shall I elaborate a little?

Ones I won't be able to do solely on my onesie, therefore not entirely sure they will happen:
(2), (3), (8), (26)

(1) I've just never done. Not sure I really want to, but, I will be going on a trip to Lake Powell in August...maybe when everyone's asleep I could dip in the lake real quick. Catch some fun disease.

(7) I could do on my own, but that would be lame. I say a river tubing party should be planned soon.

(8) I really want to do. Won't let myself do it alone, though. Safety first!

(9) Not sure I've ever done this. I've had my car 8 years...

(10) the hammock I have recently acquired is actually and unfortunately quite under qualified to assist me here. Perhaps someone I know has a hammock they can spare for one nap?

(11) the perhaps is key, here; I'm very non-protestant. I don't seek out protests. I don't see myself beginning to seek protests. But maybe, because I'm 28 now, I'll make an exception-al effort.

(12) well, since creating this list, I have discovered that this individual is not gay, but he is also not interested even in being my friend, so I will find a substitute, and then ask him out on a date.

(14) So I had this great date idea for a second (or 3rd, 4th, go with what feels right) date. I've been collecting questions in a note in my phone's "notes" app ("what do you have a passion for?" and "what TV series or book would you be a character in?") for a time when I actually get a 2nd/3rd/4th date. We'll go to Baskin Robbins, get a couple scoops of ice cream, and ask and answer 31 questions. We will just melt into each other's hearts during this date, I'm sure. So far my collection is only up to 24, and some of my current questions are unsatisfying. If you have suggestions, please share.

(17) this is something I rarely do. It just comes right back, what's the point...but at least once in this next year of my life I'll wipe up some dust somewhere...

(18) is happening this Saturday! I'm excited. I'm having a "birthday" party but instead of presents for me, I've asked for donations for the Center for Women and Children in Crisis. Click there to see what donation items they need and see if you want to participate. If you're not local, find your own charity to donate to, or this one'll happily take your money, too, I'm sure.

(19), (28) already failing well at these. But, I am signed up for fall classes for both subjects!

(21) can't wait to do this one!

(25) I'd rather enjoy granting the sensible wish of some deserving person, so far as is in my power. I'll make it my next charitable project after this Saturday.

Man, double tens and an eight. At the moment, that seems like a lot. Amazing what twenty-eight years will do to a body and soul.

Grateful to be who I've become, excited for today, happy to care for tomorrow.

And now, for some media

what I had for my birthday dinner. i love me too much; so generous

my lovely co-interns, Katja, Abby, and Holly. We have so much fun. This is them posing with my birthday treat of muffins and popcorn. They are too perfect!

me gazing into the future...or, onto Utah Valley from the Y. My roomies and I hiked the Y on Sunny's birthday.
I would say this proves we hiked up there together, but you can't tell it's us, really. Take my word for it.

I don't know when the tradition began, but I buy myself a coconut for my birthday every year. And generally, this is precisely how I bust it open. I love coconut everything, except for the coconut milk—happy to cook with it, but can't drink that straight!
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