What is Drastic + Dramatic

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


my sister is on the right, me and my old eyebrow shape are on the left (boy does my nose look big)

I've apparently just discovered how to put pictures on my blog. Took me long enough.

I am nearly obsessed about my eyebrows. Death to you if you touch them to try to mess them up. "Mess them up?" Yes, it's possible. Like when eyebrow hairs point where they shouldn't.... Anyway, it's probably weird, but it's part of my part of weirdness. Recently I took a paranoid risk and changed the shape of my eyebrows and I mostly love it! It's not a big change (you may not be able to see a difference; tust me, they're different), but I'm having a hard time making them look exactly the same. Probably no one but me will notice. Anyway, I'm so excited there's (mental capacity for) pictures on my blog now!
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