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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Frankee the Wonder Pug

Today I had the stuuuupid song "call me baby/maybe" whatever stuck in my head. I tried all day to hum different tunes, sing familiar hymns, but my brain kept lapsing back to the annoying rhythms of the pop-ular song. 

So long as I kept busier than the speed of sound in my brain...the song was muted. Like today after church meetings. Every third Sunday of the month my ward has a munch n mingle event. I'm one of the committee members in charge, and today the goodies we provided for the munching were some of childhood's favorite snacks: nilla wafers, oreos, goldfish crackers, fruit by the foot, pudding and jello cups, string cheese, nutter butters, cheese ritz, doritos, fritos, lays potato chips, cheetos, and capri suns! I even promised my ward members that at least one of them would eventually be married as a direct result of today's mingling activities. I kept my body busy. When I wasn't munching, I was mingling. Everyone had a blast. It was a real hit. 

But the song still came back.

I drove home, dumped the empty snack boxes into the recycling bin and moved around to the other side of my car to unload the cooler. As I placed it on the sidewalk and turned to close my door, I heard the jingling of collar tags and the huffing of little dog. I assumed a leashed dog and its owner were headed my way. I glanced up and didn't see anything. But I still heard the happy huffing. 

I looked directly down to my feet and saw the source. A pug puppy sniffing my shoes.

Normally I think pugs are rather nasty. Not cute; congested, laborious panting; and they're small, which I instinctively detest. But Frankee, as the pink metal tag introduced her, won my heart. But mostly through sympathy and pity. Not through adorable puppy attention, soft padded paws and fur, and the cutest wiggly tail.

The moment she came across my path, the theme song in my head changed. And it's still in my head:

"Gonna take a walk outside today, gonna see what we can find today, gonna take a walk outside today, gonna see what we can find today..."

Though she was only 15 minutes a part of my day before her owner came and retrieved her, she changed my life. Or at least the stupid song in my head. And I'll always be grateful for that.
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