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Friday, March 07, 2008

Creature of Habit

The keyboards in France are different than those here in USA. If I close my eyes and think French Keyboard, this is what you will see:

This ;orning I zoke up qt 5.30qm to tqke q shozer qnd get reqdy for zorks> Yesm thqt4s zhqt I ;eqntm zorks: plurql zork=zorks> You seem I4; q school bus driver qnd I4; stqrting to zork qt the :TC qs zellm qs q French tutor for senior ;issionqries> God is so good to ;em I just hqrdly understqnd zhy things qre going so zell for ;e>>>

USA translation
This morning I woke up at 5:30 am to take a shower and get ready for works. Yes, that's what I meant, works; plural work=works. You see, I'm a school bus driver and I'm starting to work at the MTC as well, as a French tutor for senior missionaries. God is so good to me, I just hardly understand why things are going so well for me....

Breaking habits is hard to do. It actually seemed a lot easier to switch into the France keyboard than it is seeming to switch back to America's. However, one thing that has not been hard to change is eating. In France I think all I did was eat. Here I just forget. It's not very scheduled into my day. My body takes care of me and reminds me that I need to. It's a lovely creature of habit.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tis I

I feel such pressure to return to writing, like I should be good at it or something.

It's 5:00 here, midnight there. I can still get tired at random moments and I haven't slept past 6:37am. Returned life is a little bit like I left it, same people, a few of the same problems, gettin the same school bus job, etc.

One person fewer is my Great Grandma who died at the age of 101. She left a big family in her wake. She was the sweetest woman and most sincere story teller. No doubt she was surprised to meet a few other family members there that she wouldn't have known preceeded her as the last few years she's been losing her memory. The memory really is something we've been losing since we first got it. It's an important thing to share in order to keep the memories alive. She did that well.

A new addition is my nephew, Caleb. It's his one year birthday today. He still shies from my kisses, but I will persist and he will soon realize that they're some of the best, my kisses. And if you've seen him you've seen how he deserves them. Those cheeks!

Otherwise life goes each day after the one before it and I'm happy. I weigh even less than when I left which was a very unexpected discovery. But it makes for less clothes shopping, and I'm happy. I get to speak French with multiple persons, and I'm happy. What I noticed is that leaving the mission happy makes pretty much the rest of your life happy. I can admit that one week is not a huge part of the rest of my life (you know, one can hope), but seeing as how each day comes like another, I'll choose my happy way each day and whatever happens, I know the Lord lives and helps me. That makes all the difference.

so happy to be back.
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