What is Drastic + Dramatic

Monday, January 12, 2009


Hopefully, I will try and explain,
Irregardless th'enormity of pain
As to whether you shall utilize
Adverbs, verbs, nouns or otherwise,
In time, in rhyme, in this refrain.

Firstly, that which one must do
Is choose he or she, i.e. who
she considers might best impact
her audience, due to the fact
That both hes and/or shes are considered taboo.

A so-called poet then will decide
Among they're methods of ways to confide
The contents of her individual sole,
Her footsteps trace a path yet untold
That only her only words only can provide.

So the poet will be mean while writing a mess
To thoughtfully use tact and to not use no less
Then no fewer words she can and/or say allowed
And when she is done she'll insure you she's proud
But till I'm impressed I just couldn't care less.

(How many errors can you find?)
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