What is Drastic + Dramatic

Monday, August 10, 2009

What's Mine is Yours

I want to care for you when you don't care,
hold you when you're losing grip,
listen when you have nothing to say,
whisper sweetly into your mouth
to give you everything you'll need
to whisper later in my ear.
to press my cheek to yours
when you talk, or chew, or smile;
seal your lips with mine,
hold your hand in mine,
take your hug and give you mine,
sync your gaze to mine,
to breathe your lungs,
trade you hearts
to trace your bones with mine,
to witness as you live
the matrix
of your life becoming mine.

Better than One

Actually what I like most about this pic are the framed double wall hangings. Who really wants to kiss their self anyway? Not I. Not really.
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