What is Drastic + Dramatic

Monday, September 04, 2006

sweet sixteen

16 We wait
15 for 359
14 days for
13 Christmas
12 to come around.
11 school starts
10 halloween spooks
9 how soon it comes.
8 thanksgiving stuffs
7 and we race to buy
6 gifts to give and some
5 of us receive gifts
4 and then
3 it's a new year again.
2 it comes
1 it passes

Waiting takes long and comes all too soon.
Worming through life takes and leaves the dirt.
Words are the proof that it happened at all.
Walking uphill backward isn't downhill.
Wonderful moments digest into memories.
We can only watch the past; the future watches us.
Waking up happens every time but the last.
Waiting takes time and leaves all too soon.
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