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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Day After

I slept well enough. I think one of my dreams had Jesus in it, but I don't remember why or what He was doing. My eyes were heavy; their lids like over-cooked noodles. First thing, I made my bed and prayed. Second, I went to the bathroom. I noticed I'm wearing green underwear. That means it's Thursday. The water didn't get warm while I washed my hands and I went upstairs to eat. No eggs. Okay, then oatmeal. And brown sugar and some maple flavor, and a banana while the water and oats microwave together. And I almost cried.
I started to eat the mush, my mom was on the phone. She sat down to talk to me. Then I cried. One serving of oats is much too much mash for me on any morning, but I finished it so I didn't have to look up. Frozen rain carcasses fluttered to the ground joining the first three inches outside. The dogs wrestled in the carnage.
I had ten batches of popcorn to start so I went to get ready for that. I washed my face and changed my clothes and put on some shoes and earrings. I wore my gold watch all day.
It took me an hour to have everything in one place to start popcorn. I got three batches done on my own before my mom joined me. While alone, I had to clench my teeth or bite my lip to keep from crying. See, I can't bite my eyes and I'm not sure how to clench them either, if even that could prevent rather than produce tears. In the silence I started humming songs from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. That made me think of giant bean bags. Those made me think of big strong muscles and being tickled nearly inside-out. That made me think of working out at the gym. And the silence around me could only distract me to thoughts of the popcorn in front of me. And that made me think of my favorite taste-testing guinea pig. That thought would always make me clench my teeth.
Driving around I only noticed large gold Chevy trucks or small blue Honda Civics. (And as usual any twin of my gold Saturn.) I noticed the snow, too. That made me think of my favorite snow shoveler.
At 1:13pm my phone pulsed and chimed and my heart took a hurried tour through my intestines. I opened the phone and text message. It was from Tom, though.
I completed the popcorn like a professional, really. It took us a total six hours. Close to 25 pounds of popcorn. It's for a wedding on Saturday. The wedding planner is doing the whole reception for free. I told her I'd count this as a practice run since it's the first wedding we've done popcorn for. She refused. I accepted her refusal. She's the kind of lady that won't be refused. And I'm not one to ever combat when someone says "no, really." So, don't offer me your last bite hoping you'll get a refusal. I don't do that and I'll take your last bite.
My back hurts and I'm love sick.
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