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Friday, December 04, 2009

entirely unique

At times my thoughts wander around the world, strolling at a casual pace, thinking:
"It is easy to say truthfully, 'somewhere in the world there are always at least two people:
talking on a cell phone.'
staring out a window.'
going to the bathroom.'
bending over.'
making a new person.'
learning something new.'
getting wet unexpectedly.'
-----------------------in the very moment that I think of it."
And every time I think of at least two people in the world sneezing I further imagine that that's what makes the world go 'round.
That if everyone stopped sneezing, the world would stop spinning; hence the seasonal allergies, for assured rotation year 'round.
And, every time I hear someone sneeze, I think of the world spinning
without me remembering that it's spinning,
and my thoughts begin to stroll at its remembered spinning:
mind inhaling passing thoughts,
(the world moves me while I'm sitting still)
like recollected air passing into lungs.

Then I think, "It's not easy to say truthfully, 'somewhere in the world there are always at least two people:
thinking of you.'
thinking of me.'
driving a school bus in 9 degree bitterness while 3 high school band members talk much too loudly for the morning hour and temperature.'
receiving an unwanted phone call from their disapproving roommate about rent money.'
making chicken curry for a third date meal.'
tired of Utah and wanting to move to New York to be a nanny for two three-year-old french twins.'
-----------------------in that very moment that I think of it."
Then my thinking catches back up to my doing and off I go.
Until someone sneezes again.

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