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Friday, July 28, 2006


July is month 7. Whenever I see a date 7/whatever it makes me think of August. It's like July doesn't exist in number form in my brain. That can be quite troublesome. But, I get over it. I don't usually make too many mistakes because of it.

On Pioneer day, a black pathfinder found its way into my neighbor's parked car. The pathfinder was supposed to be parked too. 500 feet up the street. Apparently, with the car in neutral and the emergency brake faulty or just not ever pulled in the first place, it rolled down the slight hill, bounced of the curb and smashed into the little blue Saturn. There was a hitch on the back of the pathfinder, it squished the hood into a small peak, and made a snack of the license plate. I was outside, but only heard it happen. It was a strange sight and a strange feeling to approach the car and find it locked and empty. The owner of the car came out when I reported what I'd heard and then discovered. Her little 3 year old boy came following after, with the rest of the visiting family, and when he saw what the rest of us were looking at, he burst into tears and started wailing and hugging the hood of the car. The dad was taking pictures of the damage and got a picture of his kid too. It was quite funny. Apparently he was emotional all day since his toy car had broken. This just tipped him over the edge. We found the owner of the pathfinder up the street. His fiancee came and they stood with a friendly awkwardness at the scene until the cop arrived. He made his report with a frown all the while, and the pathfinder was free to go. Both individual insurances will have to pay as he found no fault for what happened. We'll see about that. In Heaven. just kidding.

I did an 8 mile hike that nearly killed me. Not really, but the flies were stupid (when are they not) and the first 5 miles were up hill. We started at Rock Canyon trail head, wound around the mountain and went down to the Y on Y mount. My knees really didn't appreciate all that down hill. It got pretty toasty by 10:30. It was fun though. When it was over especially. I'm not much of a hike enjoyer. Strolls are much more my style. I won't be joining my friends on the Mt. Timpanogas hike at midnight tonight. I can see the sunrise from my pillow fine enough.

Yesterday I got a manicure and a pedicure. It cost me a mere $20! I had a coupon. It was nice. The paint is already chipping off my fingernails, but that's fine. I don't care much for nail polish. It's French style, and I'm going to France....you know, it fits. I made sure to grow my nails out all pretty and this week they kept chipping or breaking. The night before my manicure I attacked one of my thumb nails; chewed it off for being so dumb. So, it looks a little stubby with the rest of them. But I still love it. And I'd never had a pedicure. It was nice. A little ticklish, but nice.

I don't eat anymore. No, I'm not anorexic, I just haven't planned eating into my day really, so I figure it'll happen sooner or later, but usually it doesn't. When i get too hungry I find something to consume, but usually I have cereal and then snacks the rest of the day. I like to cook, but I never know if my mom might. I should get used to that she won't and I should cook myself.....not myself...uh, I should make dinner myself, since she's always busy. But tonight I might just order Papa John's. I love their pizza above all others'. I even applied to be a delivery girl for them. That would be grand. Except I'd probably work nights and then I wouldn't get to hang out with my friends as much. I have the coolest neighbors. Oertel and Eric and sometimes their brother Matt have so much fun. I love having friends more than just about anything.

I went to the BYU campus and strolled. Remember, I like strolling. I briefly gazed at some art, then I headed to their book store. I browsed at journals. I purchased a really lovely lilac print journal and I really want to write in it. When I see blank paper I itch to cover it in something. But it's so lovely I just don't know what deserves to be put therein. The paper is lined on only one side and the book is bound at the top. It may make for a good photos + writing type thing. I've never had a journal specifically for dreams, so I could do that. I have spectacular dreams most usually. Random, scary, funny, so-glad-that-was-a-dream kind, all kinds. Naturally. I feel lucky that I remember them quite often and quite vividly. I feel sorry for those that aren't able to. I also bought some cinnamon bears. I love those gummies above all others. :)

I've started this new idea I had.... It's a journal alphabetized about all the things that make up me. What I think, what I do, what I feel, etc. I'll share some examples in the future. Things will change periodically, like what I think of my family, etc., because I hope to have one of my own where I'm the wife + mama. So if this thing was ever seriously bound or printed even, I'd have to leave some room. It might be better to just three ring bind it and insert pages as needed so expounding and alphabetizing, etc. are easier. I wonder if it's okay to use etc. three, now four times in a paragraph. Anyway, life is good and going on. I thought the other day how I don't like to start writing parts of story ideas that I have until I have the whole story planned, pretty much. It's just that my brain needs a conclusion so badly that it's hard to start unless I know where I'm going. But I have a personal journal and I write in it the story of my life, but I don't know what's going to happen next. I should learn a lesson from myself. I try all the time. I don't like to listen to me a whole lot, it seems. Yeah, so anyway, that'll do for now.
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