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Friday, January 23, 2009

My Present to Morrow

I don't really know you,
But I want to.
I hope we hit it off permanently.
I will spend the whole day with you
Of course.
And as soon as I get a feel for you
I'll want to live one more day
To know you again.

I will meet you before the sun.
And when he catches up
At Dawn
You will be the shadow,
Rain or shine,
Cuffed to my hand
Until Dusk.

The clouds whisper your mood.
The stars wink incessantly.
But I don't believe they really know
What you hold.
And even when you hold me,
I will reach for you still.

Is there nothing I can bring you?
Is there anything you need to tell me,
That I will need to know?
You may bring me joy
Or sorrow
And I will bring my all.

All I have is this Present
And I seem to remember
That you gave it to Day
So I don't feel that I can give
What isn't truly my own.

As long as you will be there
For me,
I promise I will not look back
And cheat you;
I don't mind always being one step behind
If you don't mind.

Then this is my Present to Morrow:
A song, one song, one tune.
I will hum it
For you
And you will bring it back
To me.
You won't need to wait for me;
I'll be ready.
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