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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Random Nose Memory

As I was blowing my nose today, politely removed into the bathroom away from the general population, I experienced a moment of rememory. That is to say I remembered a memory...

In high school I had a geography class that was rather enjoyable. A fellow student (whose name was probably not Stanley, though it persistently comes to mind) would more-often-than-seemed-healthy slink to the front of the class and retrieve a stiff tissue from the provided box. Sometimes he would return to his seat and blow his nose, other times he would stay at the front, facing away from the rest of us. But always he chose to relieve his sinus chambers at full-human volume at a time when all was quiet. It wasn't outrageously loud, his way of nose blowing, but there was, in my opinion, no effort to disguise his process of snot elimination.

I always appreciated that. Why should blowing one's nose be awkward or embarrassing? It's normal, we all do it (or we should, considering the alternative) and we all sound different when we do. It's only when another might witness extending strings or loose drips of snot that it might make him or her uncomfortable, but that's his or her problem. He or she does not have to look, no matter how alarming the noise.

Though I seem to believe a restroom is a fantastic escape for nasal vacation, complete with hand-sanitizing capabilities, yet I would never deny a person the right to blow their nose however, wherever, or whatever decibel intensity they might desire. Just so long as they catch it all in the tissue...

Anyway, I always respected not-Stanley for his bold disregard for the rest of us. I'm pretty sure no one else except him ever blew their nose, but, it sort of gave me the courage to blow my nose more often, wherever I felt like it--though still discreetly. What can I say, I've got a shy nose. I guess.

I recall that I never really watched, only heard and inwardly applauded. I didn't personally know not-Stanley beyond the geography of the classroom, so I didn't want to know if he looked... You know what I mean. We all look. In case anything important came out. Like brain or something. That wouldn't be so much gross as it would be worrisome. I wouldn't want anyone to see if I blew my brains out, so that's probably why I usually blow my nose in private. But I'll always remember not-Stanley's defiance of social norms and how it nearly inspired me.

That's possibly all I remember from the class. Oh, and that it was really fun to color in all the map worksheets.
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