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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Free Entry

Excerpts from my journal cuz I'm kinda lazy now to make it up on the spot:

Friday Aug. 11
"I'm so tired. I'm trying to fight the lulling hum and vibration of this San Fran-bound plane, and it's hard. I slept pretty well last night for which I'm grateful, but planes and sitting remind me how much I enjoy sleeping and dreaming and sometimes it's just better to not be conscious with my thoughts. They can become quite dull in a setting such as this, which also deadens my desire to use any senses and just sleep. I'm managing. I stared at this journal paper for many minutes wishing I had a magic quill to write all my thoughts for me -- the exciting ones, not the dull. I guess these, words etched by my choice and effort, are not much more brilliantly entertaining than an elephant. But there's not much else to do. It's a small plane, like a motorcoach with wings."

(I had a fun time on my day trip to San Francisco. I went to apply for my visa into France later this year. A bunch of us future missionaries bound for France went, and after the application process we had time to kill. We went to a restaurant down the street with excellent service and good food. We skipped around China town for just a few minutes until the restaurant opened. After eating, we went to Coit Tower. From there there was a faint view of the Golden Gate bridge. Alcatraz poked out of the water from where it usually does, and Loumbard St wound in the distance. I love that street, if that's even the name for it exactly. Without any time to, we raced, in our private charter van, to Ghiradelli Square and got icecream. I also bought some dark chocolate with caramel in it. It's delicious to the taste. We made it back to the airport in time for the earliest departure. Phew! The day before, 5 of us missed our flight to San Fran cuz of all the heightened security and it was just clogged, taking us an hour to get through security. I had to throw away my lip gloss, those sons of guns terrorists.)

I took a late nap and I knew I wouldn't be able to fall asleep on my own so I slipped myself a sleeping pill. After an hour it was kicking in nicely and I still had to fill my car with gas and buy some milk. I got some gas and floated to the Creamery for milk. Thursday Aug 10:

"The guy at the creamery behind me in line made a wise crack to the checker that my second gallon of milk was his. I totally unexpected it and the checker was at that moment distracted by another employee and the guy behind me was trying to explain why he just wet his pants. Not really, but his face was like that, kinda embarrassed but too late to take it back. As soon as the checker was attending to me again, I told him, with the help of the guy behind me that it actually was my milk. I was in dream land already, commanding my physical form with casual attention, and I suddenly realized I should revive mentally and put the poor man at ease, so I apologized to him and explained my seemingly appalled and offended demeanor as under the influence of a sleeping pill. I hope it helped, but I didn't really care too much either way. I took my milks and went home. I am glad for milk. It assisted my Rice Krispies consumption this morning for which I am most grateful."

(Have you a mother like mine that buys cereal in very large quantities? I've noticed at my house, cereal comes and goes in phases. We have favorites for a while and then we pick a new favorite. That happens with games, too. It'll be LIFE for weeks straight. If we play a game, it'll be LIFE. Then we'll stop playing games for a while altogether, and so on, to the next favorite game. Anyway, I'm on a Rice Krispies kick right now. A helpful hint for ya: mix Rice Krispies in with icecream and it's so delicious. It's like 'the icecream cone bite' in every bite!)

"I don't have many people I like to spill to or that seem to enjoy being spilled upon by me. I often spill into my journal. It doesn't give much advice -- it's just like talking into an empty cave. It rattles around and lets me hear what I just said. Not always helpful when seeking advice."

(This is true. I just liked that cave analogy, so I thought I'd share.)

"Dad and I made salsa. That was productive because we have tons of fresh veggies. I started cutting the jalepenos and I flicked a bit into my eye. I went to the bathroom to flush my eye. I thought maybe it was just on my contact so if I took it out the problem would be gone, but like a genious I took it out with jalepeno fingers and got more - in both my eyes. So it was burning pretty good. I flushed for a while and they feel better. I'm still afraid of touching my eyes. That juice doesn't come off easy. It's under my fingernails."

(My fingers still smell like garlic, since I also chopped the garlic. It's stinky. BUT, the best part are these guys below. I was having a great time with papa and the veggies!)

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