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Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Final

So this evening I joined an experiment, much to my personal shame. My friend sent me a forward text. So pitiful. E-mails are bad enough, but text forwards? Well you know, to prove that I know it's worthless, this time I did it. It said:

Sh00t this arrow------> to 13 hearts you truly care about (i better get 1 bak:) and in 13 mins u will have a suprise! :)

Oh, well I realize now that, though I did care about each heart I shot it at, I had the intention of sending it to those who would either take it seriously or know I was kidding and/or bored. Whatever, it still didn't work. Thirteen minutes later I received a text message from one of the recipients saying "Surprise, it's thirteen minutes later!" And a brief moment later a guy came to the door inviting me to go play Ultimate Frisbee. I replied, "I'm sorry, I'm waiting on a surprise." No, I didn't really. I said I needed to go to bed. Which I will eventually. What did surprise me is how fast you can waste thirteen minutes.

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