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Friday, February 03, 2006

It was a small world

I was reading through a bunch of scenarios in this game called "Mind Trap." Most of them are pretty lame (Q: if a plane crashes exactly on the border of Canada and the U.S. where do they bury the survivors? A: You should know that it's quite savage to bury people (survivors) alive...), etc. Well, one of them asked something like if you built a huge concrete something that weighed a trillion tons, how much would the earth gain in weight.... The answer is none, cuz the concrete was made with materials from the earth. I thought that one was stupid too. But it made me think later of something I liked. I thought of something that perhaps has made the world heavier over time. I believe in the Adam and Eve approach to human infestation of Earth. So, even though babies grow inside tummies of mommies, they come out and grow to be heavy. Then they die and their bodies are buried in Canada and the U.S. respectively. So, first they come from Heaven, not from Earth..... But their bodies don't leave after death. So do you think that's made the earth heavier? Or would that even affect the weight of the earth? Am I missing anything? Am I just dumb and like my own ideas a lot?
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