What is Drastic + Dramatic

Monday, September 14, 2009

Easy Come

Lungs allow air to enter and exit
First we are born
and they get to work
For the rest of a lifetime.

The sky allows itself to absorb
and drain water.
First the sun scoops it up
then it falls for a while.
A rhythm to recycle.

The heart allows love to enter and exit
not easily,
but sometimes too easily.
Not entirely unlike blood
It flows, within and out
For a lifetime.

Love expands,
Deeper than oceans or breaths.

Her heart can't exhale.
Not because he fainted, needed heart to heart, or died
(For she could have done something then).
He just got tired. Or She did.
Perhaps she got light-headed,
Or he was soaking wet.

A lung that can't breathe out,
Or a cloud that endlessly orbits the world.
Is that possible?

Not easily.
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