What is Drastic + Dramatic

Saturday, July 03, 2010


I'm really in the moode to write, but I worked 17.75 hours today. I work again in less than eight hours. There's a rubber band stuck on my arm...? I ate some halibut fish n chips in Seward today. Best ever and they know it. They actually made the obligatory scoop of slaw taste good, if you can believe it. Why even put it on the plate if it tastes not good? And, I hit a seagull (or did the seagull hit me?) today. That was a loud 60 mph belly flop smack. I can expound on that later. That's the tragedy: something to say and no time to lay it out. Next time.

imagine it with its mouth open and not cast in black and white dramatic tones and that's exactly what it looked like before...before..rehh

Thursday, July 01, 2010

phew, it's still June in AK

just made it. 5438 words so far. I'm having fun with this story but I'm also still figuring it out, same time as my main character. Stay tuned, this one's

to be continued...
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