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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Can't Sleep

My dear roommate warmed me some milk and Billy Joel serenades me with his lullaby, so hopefully that sandman's not too far away.

I was talking with a friend and out came a quotable line:

The heart: it's a curious instrument. It can change as fast as it beats.

Later as I lie in bed, someone was playing music far enough away that I only heard the low beat and I imagined it was the heart beat of my nearly-life-size stuffed alligator so it wouldn't annoy me.

Depending on the beat, the instrument will reveal a melody that sometimes the mind couldn't hear. The composition is complicated for a single instrument and one wonders how the heart survives itself.

My own heart suspended in my chest beat like it usually does, pumping blood, for which I'm grateful. It too summoned a distant tune and I felt like humming.

The melody leaks into the stream where drifts my life. It bleeds through my voice; a wound that will hopefully never heal.

I want to hear your heart beating in your chest. I will see if our voices harmonize.

Some people have such beautiful circulation.


Graham P.B. said...

See, if some guy came up and tried to say how totally gorgeous your blood vessels are, you'd avoid him like the plague. This isn't working...

Babs said...

Three things:

1. You are quite a talented writer.
2. I miss you
3. You've been tagged on my blog.


emilyf said...

Thanks Barb! I miss you too!

Now, Graham. Why do you always have to be so serious and critical? ;) The idea I was hoping to imagize is that there are melodies within us that will harmonize with others better than some...As long as that beat's going we can make a tune. Songs get stuck in the head best. Beats get stuck in the heart?

Nate Mecham said...

I like this.

Beautiful as it is,Graham may be right. This is more like a second date kind of poem.

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