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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To The Men

from the ponderings of a single woman's mind.

Is there a(n un)spoken rule of dibs? If two guys see a girl at the same time and guy A says "dang, I wanna get with that," ever so respectfully, but when the girl meets both guy A and guy B, she is more attracted to guy B, but must guy B yield to guy A to make his move? If so, why?

How long does it take for you to fall in love?

If you're dating a great girl, would you ever risk that security if you found another girl attractive (not just physically) to give her a chance? Isn't it a bad sign if you're even looking around to notice her?

If you don't like a girl, or spending time with her, or frankly you just don't see a future, but she's showing interest, flirting, what have you, will you (please) just tell her you're not interested?

At what point can she fart in your presence without grossing you out?

Do you agree with the general desire that the girl wants to be with a guy that weighs more than her potential weight at pregnancy?

How tall is too tall?

Do you care about the shoes we wear? Are there ones preferred over others?

What communication problems? Let's hear 'em.

Your masculine thoughts are very much appreciated. Ask your friends. Return and report.


Graham P.B. said...

I can't sleep. I'm too worried about my car, so I'm going to blog and draw until I can't keep my eyes open. I'll post my response on a Graham page.

SAN MIGUEL said...

1) Flight of the Conchords said it best:

“I asked Dave if he's going to move on you.
He's not sure.
I said "Dave, do you mind if I do?"
He says he doesn't mind.
But I can tell he kind of minds.
But I'm going to do it anyway.”

Caustic though they may be, those lyrics are nonetheless illustrative of a behavior that has plagued man from the time Abel made a move on his sister before Cain could get his game plan together.

Ideally, dudes would never call dibs. Dibs is usually a sign of insecurity.

2) Love can happen as fast as you want it.

3) There comes to a point in a great relationship where the prospect of anything else loses its appeal. That point is different for everyone, but I’m definitely there … finally.

4) Good guys can always let a girl know he’s not interested in a tactful way without saying “I’m not interested.” Some girls might say they want guys to just tell them straight up that they’re not interested, but most of them are lying.

5) Farting is never tolerated, ever.

6) High heels, baby! High heels!

Life = Good

emilyf said...

I see. You can't truly be serious about the farting though...? I would prefer that a guy tactfully tell me straight up if he weren't interested, myself. can both be done? life is good. thanks for your source.

Jessie said...

Ok, so I'm not a boy, but here's what I know...

I don't know much about dibs, but I know it can get in the way of a good thing sometimes.

I have only fallen in love once in my life and it took me 6 years to fall completely in love in every aspect, but that's because it started when I was 14.

Dating can be really fun and sometimes I miss it, but mostly not.

Tooting in front of your loved one is a privilege that varies when it becomes appropriate. Even when you're married I think it's still nice to keep it to yourself when possible, it helps to not let it all go once you're married.

It's nice to marry someone who will always be heavier than you, even when you are 9 months. I did get to be a couple pounds more than Brad when I was 9 months pregnant with Maren, but it wasn't too big of a deal because then I had her and lost 20 pounds in 3 days :)

I don't know how tall is too tall, but I know that Brad's height is perfect for me...and I know that tall is very important to me.

I guess that's it for now...good luck all of you dating people...and all of you married people for that matter.

Nate Mecham said...

If your bro is digging on a girl, you should let him dig. But if that guy ain't your bro, anything goes.

How long does it take to become awesome?

Security is only good if you want what is secured. If you are looking for something else, you probably aren't that concerned with security. To oversimplify, better is better.

probably at any point. But how much she gets teased will vary depending on location and context.

I agree that girls exist that have that desire. I hope that not all girls are very concerned with this. It seems unimportant. Plus I don't weigh very much.

Too tall is 2 inches taller, but shorter is better.

Shoes that don't prevent her from doing whatever it is that we are doing. On a regular week day she should be able to run if she were so inclined. (If she is alright with going barefoot, shoe type may be ignored)

"Language is the liquid that we're all dissolved in. Great for solving problems after it creates a problem." — Modest Mouse

emilyf said...

I was born awesome! I wasn't born in love. ;) I get what ya mean. I like your answers. I'm obviously much too tall.

Devin said...

Well, those were good questions.

Shoes, I could care less. Too tall is 6'2". You emily are a comfortable height for me. I think we could pull it off.

The weight thing was just a wierd question that I'm sure only girls think about. The thing is the average person gains 7 pounds after marriage anyway, so what's the big deal.

I definately agree with the letting the person know if you're not interested. girls should do that for us as we should do for it for them.

Girls eybrows are just way better looking than ours ever thought of being.

Girls are just way prettier than guys in all aspects. can i get an amen?

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