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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Where your treasure is my heart
is also; you have the map
and wind in your sails.
Ignore the sun and stars
whose lights last half a day
and trust the tug that tightens
time: the only whole distance uncharted.

Search the horizon future,
imagine the harbor love,
anchored ashore a life time,
oh sailor, at ease
at home. . .

we'll sway cradled in a bed of rope
salvaged from those years at sea
our arms and fingers tethered together
moored tightly to eternity.
Face west and I'll scratch your back,
due east and I'll kiss your bronzed brow.
Hear the whistling inlet whisper
as I lie behind you resting
my cheek on a soft blade of shoulder.
Our breathing will softly ebb and flow,
the waves of our heart sculpting land.
Wrap me in your weathered wings.
Bury me alive in your heart.
Early morning you will wake to watch
the makeup sunrise on my face;
always already ready
you will wait beside me,
ocean eyes navigating
the north and south
of my frame. . .

my love is whole, wide
world curls its star, so,
sailor still sailing
don't worry or wander
wonder or weary;

our courses will cross
on land.

(picture: sun rising on the mediterranean)

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