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Thursday, April 14, 2011

In the Unlikely Event

Were today to be my last of nearly twenty seven rich years of days on Earth, you should know that if you know me, I love you. I love everyone, which doesn't devalue the love I give, because love isn't that way. There is always and always more to give, it's a miraculous force. Like the heart. It is simply one size particular to each body, but it can always and ever fit more people inside it.

So I love you. True, I might love some more deeply than others, but that's human I guess. I always want what's best for you, even if that includes a hard day, but I'll root for you just as I would if I had stayed.

Today I'm wearing comfortable jeans, pearls adorn my neck and ears. Today is here, or more appropriately, I am here today and it's an occasion worthy of wearing the grinding hassle of oysters.

For all the struggles you and I have won, I wear these pearls for us. A beautiful day for a struggle, for a neighbor, for love.

1 comment:

Jena said...

"the grinding hassle of oysters" I love it! I love YOU!!!

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