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Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter nowadays is eggstra commercialized. It kinda bothers me how the most special calendar days set for remembering Jesus Christ are so highly driven by consumerism that the true reason is forgotten. But, since I don't limit my celebration of Christ to a couple days a year -- I go to church every week, pray and read scripture every day, strive to be Christlike in happy moments and wearisome -- I feel okay indulging a little in tradition. But really only because I have nephews. And whenever I have kids of my own I will, too. Because I'll teach them to live the gospel with their hearts daily and then to have holiday fun for a day.

For Easter dinner my brother-in-law's mother invited us over to her house. We had her over for Thanksgiving last year and she had us over Sunday. It was great.

Scalloped potatoes, corn, salad, rolls, roast, ham, green beans (southern style--boiled w/ham); and for dessert cupcakes, lemon bars and strawberry...fluffy stuff. My mom mixed coolwhip, cream cheese, strawberry yogurt and a little strawberry jello and put it in edible chocolate cups. didn't get pics of those, but they didn't last long. yum!

We filled ourselves as well as one should fill themselves spiritually every day :)

The little kids started the event with an egg hunt in the back yard. My camera luckily captured some sweet pics!

"poorpuh" he does really well recognizing purple :)

Cameron saw Caleb racing around

So Cameron 'branched' out...bahaha...ok not funny. I liked the blossoms though and am glad the picture took before his face was fully behind that blossom clump.

Caleb got a lotta loot

And he made a Zelda treasure noise with his victory basket

So handsome

They each scored with a golden egg. All the eggs were plastic with candy and marshmallows inside.

I have no doubt that they don't get it. I don't think anyone gets it, most of all myself. Probably there were a couple of struggling farmers back at the dawn of commercialized Easter enjoying some unchristlike beverage at a local...spirits establishment.

"I always got too many pigs and rabbits come Spring."

"Heck, I got so many chickens you'd think they were rabbits!"

"Chickens as rabbits! Merl, you better put that drink down."

"Well, think about it, Chester, if we make up some...some ridiculous Easter Bunny magical creature, you can sell your rabbits and I can sell my chicks, and all those dozens and dozens of eggs. We'll be so rich we'll be seein' pale, pastel colors!"

"Merl, what the heck are you talkin' about? But hey, my ten kids are suckers for stuff like that, let's sell it to 'em. They'll tell all their friends a'school and their parents will come beggin' for our critters."

And with such an inception, the Easter traditions began to reproduce to what we have hoppening today.

I always knew my parents hid the eggs. I always knew they hid a basket of treats. I was truly amazed when I first heard of people reminiscing about believing in the Easter Bunny when they were little. Seriously? A rabbit that lays eggs, both plastic kinds filled with candy or colorful hard boiled? Yyyyeah. Can't April fool's this kid.

And now, for my favorite part of the season:

An Easter Declaration video with a scripture time line of Christ's last days on Earth.

I believe in the living Christ, with all my beating heart.

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