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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Husband Merenade

Twenty-six years have passed
When we couldn't share stories.
Soon as two authors write one life
Let's make it an adventure:
Front page sensations every morning.

Be patient while we wait
And after you know me, too.
I'm not perfect, but my love
will supply everything required
To make life's marinade sweet.

I want to marinate you.

Don't ask, "Will you marry me?"
I won't "one time event" you.
I do,
I will always marrynate you,
And I'm already mixing
The sweet with the sour,
Waiting to soak and soften.

Sit on my right and I'll scratch your back;
On my left and I'll finger a love serenade,
My voice a soft wind in the
Sunshine chords of this ukulele.

Or walk next to me, either side,
Holding the hand that is yours
To have, for every want and need.

Hug me.
No, hold me in your arms.
Better yet, fold me in your heart.

Stand behind me when you wait
For my makeup to be finished;
You'll be ready, already,
But wait for me with me,
With your arms around me.

When I stand behind you
My head will rest on you,
On a soft blade of shoulder.
My arms closed around you,
I will never be able to let go.

I will love you--
If you only knew how much--
So don't worry or wonder or wander,
Because our paths will meet.
Or maybe they have...

Our hearts will meet.
And the moment will be


Jarom X said...

The ever hopeful romantic. :-)

Odradek said...

Once again, only you :)

On a side note, if any men in your life cause you to frown, I'd be happy to do some "tenderizing"... heh heh heh

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