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Friday, April 09, 2010

Curious Title. Second Glance

First line, second chance:
First impression already surmising,
Opinion forming,
Interest...waning? piqued?
Judgement realizing,
Persuasion reorganizing.
A clever, winning line.
Your mind accepts,
Wandering beyond the words,
Releasing hold of title and letters,
Ink merging into memory
Smearing, stamping, circulating
Images flashing, resurfacing;
Silent movie, admission for one.
And then it's over
Before you're done.

Over, but never ending
Because you read each word
Transfusing into your veins.
Only the words know where you bleed;
They rush to the pain...
But do not always heal.
Words stampede at full speed
Then tiptoe like bedtime kisses,
Expand the imagination's lung
Then choke the rising passion;
Steal speech, tie the tongue,
Numb its tip, prick the nose,
Fill the eyes, dissolve.

Your eyes absorb the title.
Your heart transmits the letters.
Your veins bide the pressure.
Your blood craves another dose.
Your disease can be remitted;
Your nerves wait for the word.


emilyf said...
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Brad said...

Interesting thoughts

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