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Friday, December 04, 2009

entirely unique

At times my thoughts wander around the world, strolling at a casual pace, thinking:
"It is easy to say truthfully, 'somewhere in the world there are always at least two people:
talking on a cell phone.'
staring out a window.'
going to the bathroom.'
bending over.'
making a new person.'
learning something new.'
getting wet unexpectedly.'
-----------------------in the very moment that I think of it."
And every time I think of at least two people in the world sneezing I further imagine that that's what makes the world go 'round.
That if everyone stopped sneezing, the world would stop spinning; hence the seasonal allergies, for assured rotation year 'round.
And, every time I hear someone sneeze, I think of the world spinning
without me remembering that it's spinning,
and my thoughts begin to stroll at its remembered spinning:
mind inhaling passing thoughts,
(the world moves me while I'm sitting still)
like recollected air passing into lungs.

Then I think, "It's not easy to say truthfully, 'somewhere in the world there are always at least two people:
thinking of you.'
thinking of me.'
driving a school bus in 9 degree bitterness while 3 high school band members talk much too loudly for the morning hour and temperature.'
receiving an unwanted phone call from their disapproving roommate about rent money.'
making chicken curry for a third date meal.'
tired of Utah and wanting to move to New York to be a nanny for two three-year-old french twins.'
-----------------------in that very moment that I think of it."
Then my thinking catches back up to my doing and off I go.
Until someone sneezes again.


J. Coombs said...

If you haven't seen the film "Amelie" I highly recommend it. You and this posting remind me of her.

emilyf said...

actually yeah, when people ask me what my favorite movie is I usually say Amelie. It's such a simple pleasure feel good movie I love it 100% :) And so I take your comment as a great compliment. :)

J. Coombs said...

It was meant as such. :)

Mer said...

Em, you're always so creative. Now I'll always think of you when I sneeze.

Carrie said...

That was a creative entry. But I'd have to say I'm kind of bummed about the part of recieving an "unwanted phone call from a disapproving roommate" I'm sure it was an unwanted call for her to make as well. But sometimes you gotta do what you must,especially if the lease is in your name. See it from her perspective.

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