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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

I have posted a few lists of my favorite and least favorite things, but never have I posted a list of things for which I am most grateful. Probably because when I've started lists like that before in other journals it's been very very lengthy. So....since it's the 26th day of this month, I'll limit my list tonight to 26 things.

1. God and all things that under Him fall.
Oh, that could take care of everything, huh? But I mean all those godly things: Jesus, the atonement, forgiveness, the Bible, revelation, temples, prophets, the Book of Mormon, testimony, faith, love, patience, learning, gospel clarity, understanding, etc. See.....
2. Mom, Dad, Shawna, Aaron, Autumn, Brian, Caleb, Cameron, Heather, Jason, Breanne, Grandmas, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, cousins.
3. Friends
4. Health
5. A job
6. Food
7. Talents
8. Internet and countless modern conveniences
9. School
10. Books and writing
11. Deep thinking and people watching
12. Lessons learned
13. Showers and soap and stuff
14. Clothes
15. Many fulfilled wants
16. Imagination and inspiration
17. Compliments
18. Humor and laughter
19. Opportunities and adventure
20. Meeting people
21. Being easily pleased and entertained
22. Vacation
23. Exercise
24. Freedoms
25. Passing Math
26. Things to smile about

Sooo much to give thanks for. And to whom? I give it to number 1. He's the Man...well, sorta. He's more the God. But you get what I mean. I feel I don't deserve it all, when I see what others have not... Give thanks and give.

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Jessie said...

I love your post, Happy Thanksgiving!

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