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Friday, October 10, 2008

Ode to Spectacles

Due to the impending surgery of tomorrow, my glasses will be of no use in less than 24 hours. These glasses and I have been together for a long time. Sure, I've messed around a little with contacts, but still glasses and I have had a forgiving and lasting relationship. In honor of these memories, I make up a poem for glasses. And it's my 100th post. Neat.

Before you, my life was incomplete.
Looking ahead was a painful feat.
When you came into my life
It was as if a big knife
Cut through the air
And removed the glare
Of what seemed like two hands made of wax paper held always before my eyes.

You did something to me.
I mean, besides help me see.
It's like you made everything clear
Like I could finally hear
As if I'd been deaf before.
Or as though you opened a door
Where there had only been a wall as far as eye could see.

I remember when I left you on the bed.
Thinking for sure you were elsewhere instead
I rolled over and heard you cry.
When I held you up, all was awry.
Gently, tightly, I bent your frame
back to normal; but you were never the same.
But later we were able to look back and laugh at the experience that night.

There was nothing between us;
I was me, you were you: we've been us
since every day we've been together.
Over hills, under roofs and into weather
we always got along. In fact,
Even your disappearing act
Would make me laugh for the irony of seeking that which I can't see so I can see.

As I say goodbye it's like...like
hard, I guess. Sometimes I think, 'yike
s' because now what will I do
When I'm nervous and need to
Nudge you into place
On the nose on my face
As I think of what to say to whomever awaits my reply.

Friend, window to the world;
Now an oyster unpearled.
I will not forget you fast.
After all, we have a past.
But my days as caterpillar are through
As flying above I will have a view
More like that of a butterfly's, in the sky, twice as high as a caterpillar's.


Babs said...

Lasik I presume? You will love it! I had my eyes done a few years back and it was a very good call. Don't worry, your glasses will move on. Perhaps you can put some regular glass in them for those days that you just want to look a little more serious. Tell your glasses I said bye.

emilyf said...

Yeah, I was kind of nervous as I reclined in the chair there. But all is well! :) I'm on the blessed path of clean and clear recovery. I didn't know you'd had it done. But yeah, just like that, it's done!

Jessie said...

Great, great poem! How did the surgery go?


emilyf said...

The surgery...I was kinda nervous because you have to hold so still! But I'm on that recovery road. It's cool to pretty much be able to see. Give me a couple weeks and all should be crystal clear. :) And the poem...ha, it's so silly. But thanks. :)

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