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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dangling Modifiers

In my English editing class we had an assignment to create ten sentences each featuring a dangling modifier. What is that? Well, I can't really tell you in words of definition. I like to show. Here were some great ones. You'll see what it is.

I saw my brother being born sitting in the chair.
Marinated in the finest seasonings, people enjoy themselves.
Having been dropped from a ten story building, Sean examined the egg for any damages.
Fred explained why he wanted to get married to his aunt.
After being decapitated, Fred began to prepare the chicken for dinner.
Jack waited for his parents to go inside to light the fireworks.
Squished by 80 MPH speeds, Tod flicked the bug's body off of the windshield.
Upon walking into the room, the ancient mummy caught the archeologist's eye.

and from my own list:
He punched me with his fist in my eye.
I walked the dog in a bear costume.
Luke fixed the clock with no hands.

Do you see the beauty of this language? :)


Graham P.B. said...

Don't let worries kill you let the government help. Wait, that's semantics.

emilyf said...

ha that's a great one!

SAN MIGUEL said...

You'll love this comment I'm writing with passion.

emilyf said...

ooh. Indeed.

L'homme Masqued said...


What you need is a grammar hammer

emilyf said...

That was useful. Thanks you monsieur. Do you speak French?

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