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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things I'm Learning from School

It's not a money crisis. It's a confidence issue. The U.S. is pretty rich, excepting the $8.9 trillion debt, and if we go into panic mode, THEN there will be serious problems. Stay cool everybody. Of course there's nothing we can do when CEOs are greedy, short-minded idiots and cause a company to fail. But we can put a little faith in the federal government organization and not crash.

We're not [necessarily] blessed because we have more. If we have more than another country, it's because we've taken more than our share. [The problems this causes elsewhere] isn't a God problem, it's a human problem, and it requires a human solution. -roughly quoted from Laura Hamblin, Prof. at UVU, Orem, UT.

If you think you can't contribute to world economy/peace/order, try micro loans. I saw a site called Kiva. check it out. Your measly $25 could be the difference between success and failure in a foreign entrepreneur's life.

Language is just math, with letters. Everything really is just math.

Taking a class with a boyfriend is fun.

I'm sure there are hundreds of carpooling possibilities that we all miss out on because we don't speak to one another.

Life needs to be learned.


Graham P.B. said...

I would go to blows with Prof. Hamblin over that load of drivel. "Taken more than our share", yeah I guess it's really messed up of us to WORK for stuff and then PAY for it...ugh. Not going to go into details here...

emilyf said...

I'm sure if you wanted to expound, there's plenty of room on a grahampage. :)
I like what she said. In general, americans are hard working, deserving people. But there are some real greedy ones I'd like to squash every now and again.

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