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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

a one and a two and a one two three...

I slid from the un-epiduraled body of a great lady who has fantastic food storage supplying habits on June 8, 1984 at 4:36pm in Torrance, California. More than 21 years this heart has been pumping. Once it was broken. More than 21 years this brain has been snapping. More times than it could ever count it has mapped me through uncharted experiences, for each second that comes is new to be sorted and filed or discarded.

How many:
times have my lungs delivered air to my blood?
people have I forgotten?
miles have I spread my long stride over the ground?
tons of food have I eaten?
gallons of water have been filtered through my kidneys?
tears have I cried?
times has my nose passed a flower that needed considering?
laughs has my life inspired?
cuts, bruises, scrapes, bandaids?
dollars would I have if I was suddenly refunded all the money I ever spent on candy before the age of 15?
lies have I told?
thoughts have I formed into words?


Nick Danger said...

Happy Birthday
Joy and rapture from your very speical post. 1000 Danger points to you birthday girl.

Emily F said...

Sweeeet. So what are the prizes I can save up for with Danger points? What will 1000 get me? What do I do to get more?

Nick Danger said...

They are nearly priceless. Unfortunately they have not yet been set up on any exchange rates and are not widely accepted. However, I personally control the distribution and I keep the market from becoming flooded. Therefore, their value is protected from inflation. Again, Happy Birthday

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