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Friday, February 18, 2005

What's Up With That?

If I'm approaching someone I know or who is a familiar acquaintence, I know there will be some sort of acknowledgement of each other's existence. The cool thing for them to say, and they usually end up saying it, is, "What's up?"

Most often I just say "hey." Like "what's up" means "hello." And most often, that's an acceptable reply. If they say, "hey, what's up?" then I have to say something other than "hey" because saying hey just doesn't fit anymore. They didn't say "hey, hello," (like saying "ATM machine" or "unidentified UFO"...) they greeted and then they asked what's up...so then I have to answer them. Assuming they don't literally mean, "hey, what is above us?", I usually say, "oh, not much" with the cordial, "how are you?" to follow.

I have accustomed myself to believe this; to believe that "what's up" is a same-syllable different-wordage for "hello" and then when they affix "hey" in front I should ramble off about what's up with me.

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