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Thursday, September 01, 2011


if i had to get rid of everything in my life that reminded me of him i would
have to
discard about half of my wardrobe
move away from Provo
delete some pictures and throw away a bunch of trinkets
stop listening to certain songs and music
avoid restaurants and certain foods...lots of foods
become blind to tall muscular men
and never smell sunscreen again.

 or maybe i could get a specialized lobotomy.

i would rid my life of these things,
but the things is
they are things now
piled and rusting

one thing i will not have to do is remove my heart.
she doesn't remind me of him any more
she doesn't remind me about him
she doesn't bring him up.
she beat him out
not up
and now, even though my mind resembles
a junkyard without a fence,
my heart is across the street
that beautiful home up for rent/sale.


Jena said...


Andy said...

Sometimes the best changes spring from piles of ash.

Godspeed. :)

Fathappy said...

This sounds extremely sad to me. Do you think he'll every come around?

emilyf said...

well, i'm happy! if you're thinking of the same person I am, i trust he moved on long before i did, and when i did too, i realized it's HOW i loved him that i missed, not him. so, i keep the love and maybe some memories, but he's out. it works for me :)

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