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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Broken and Contrite

An eternal core
of priceless worth
holds the soul
centered in faith,
encompassed by
endless love.

On the surface
the heart beats
ocean deep, shores above
richly layered pieces
on a perpetual course

Forming the mountains
to surmount
Carving the valleys
of survival
Framing the very discourse
of discovery
Causing foundations
to tremble, confound.

But if so constant,
contrite and open
allowing love to flow,
creating hope,
absorbing light,
budding visions grow,

Then let it ever break
tremble, quake;
for its enduring motion-
negative pull
positive draw
turning and rotation-
produces life
and learning,

Tectonic heart
keep yearning.

1 comment:

Odradek said...

Tectonic heart, hm? Only you could come up with a phrase so gracefully poignant.

I've been meaning to tell you this, and what better place than amid your poetry? You exude elegance. I don't understand the how of it, but you do, and simply. It's a pleasure to observe. :)

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