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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sipping Spring

Low cumulonimbus pillows
Tucked under blue sheets
Form fluffy white shapes
To the trained, shielded eye

Squinting and causing
Wrinkles to crease
Crows feet directing
The sun's balmy rays

Onto freckled cheeks
Into rouging ears
Warming from soul
To skin that feels

The desultory breeze
Inhaling and absorbing
Every current event
Drifting here to there

Plotting a trail of
Temporary stones
Stepping across
An undisturbed pond

Where the willows
Catch the rill of scents,
Comb the tangle through,
And tremble as if to sneeze

From the memory
That tickles the nose
And tugs the corners of
Two lips red as

Tulips curling open
To bumble bee kisses
While grasshoppers leap
Over rocks and twigs

And ants march to the drum
Of the heart of earth
In spongy dirt
Where worms fill orders

To deliver flowers
Their fertile diet,
Tiny roots winding down
The freeway of life

Pulsing under foot
Pressing softly in
To tender green blades
That bow to the breeze
Sweeping through thin clouds
Spread over endless canvas
Airbrushed blue
Arrayed in sunlit beams.

1 comment:

Matthew said...

The stanzas flow together like a snow-melt runoff stream, gaining force until they cascade into the crescendo of airbrushed blue. I love the imagery of the clouds, the willow trees, and the tulip red lips opening to bumble bee kisses. Beautiful prose which makes me yearn that much more to slowly sip in spring, if it ever comes!

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