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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Randomblings: from the heart

I wrote this Saturday Feb 27. I had a rough sort of day and the following streamed from my fingers. I started a short story for February, but have not finished it. Busy month. And a shorter month. Maybe I'll finish it pretty soon. But for now, this:

I feel. I am a woman and I have feelings. I use them honestly. When I don’t feel something, I don’t portray it; when I feel something I’ll let you know. Only excepting when I just can’t, because some feelings just can’t be told. Sometimes even letters can’t be formed from the debris of words certain explosive feelings leave behind. Then is when you just sweep it all up and make a deposit in the dumpster.

But right now, I’ll say a few words. Men are idiots. Women should forever be exalted for letting men into their lives. Men don’t deserve a good woman but oh how they need one. And just one. Once she has agreed to be his, he should remember—always remember—how useless he is without her and cherish and respect and adore and honor and pamper and waste away his life trying to make something of his own through hers. A man whose life is not given to one good woman will waste all the good he’s got and be good for nothing. Okay, not nothing, but close.

Guys generally like sports. They like to run into each other charging at full speed. They like to hit and throw and toss and kick assorted athletic balls. They like to win and get whatever they want, get a prize.

Women are not prizes, but are to be prized. They aren’t trophies to display, but treasures to bury deep in the heart. What man wasn’t born with and what he won’t ever find elsewhere in the world is contained in one word: woman. She is the goal. She will cheer for his success as long as she’s the goal.

What’s in it for him? Did you really ask that? You did if you’re a man.

Why does any athlete train, sweat, tear his muscles to make them stronger, push, bleed, break and fight for the sport? He has a goal, he wants to win. I thought that was clear enough already, but I’ll say it differently.

She is the goal, she is the success, having her = to win; she makes the effort worth it, she makes his life have full worth. Anything else he aims for, he may achieve; but until he wrestles the bitter game of love, he will not know the sweetness of losing his life to win a woman.

It just makes me so sad when he loses sight that there’s nothing grander than one good woman; when he submits to the steroidal impulse to get a quick woman, any woman; women, women. It makes me sad, too, the quick women that submit.

I’m tired and I just don’t want to write a short story that I haven’t thought up yet. I’m deflated because the world doesn’t value the ultimate team of a good man and a good woman; the Olympic possibilities of golden years, with silver hair and bronzed skin, together to the end.

Men, go for the heart of gold, the one you’ll earn only through losing yourself to win that woman.


J. Coombs said...

While you ARE correct about women bettering men and not being prizes or objects, I have to disagree with you on just how absolutely useless, idiotic, cro-magnon-esque, etc. you portray men. Just on principle. ;)
Hope you had a fun trip!

emilyf said...

yeah, I know not all men are idiotic, but many of them do many idiotic things. But then again, so do women. It is a one-sided ranting for the time being.

question: what means "cro-magnon-esque" according to you?

Jarom X said...

Everything ok?

emilyf said...

yep, just fine. No one has commented with incorrect grammar or spelling on this post so far, I'm very ok!

Anonymous said...

That is a very deep and beautiful portrayal of a quest for pure companionship. While men are searching for our true friends, we must look more profoundly upon the hearts. Both the heart of the seeker and the heart of the sought should be able to rejoice in each other's triumphant prize.

Anonymous said...

This makes you the kind of woman a man with a heart of gold goes for eh?

emilyf said...

Dear Anonymous #2, I was just having a moment. And I wrote my feelings about it, and I posted it where people could read it. I won't judge you for being anonymous... In response to your mostly rhetorical question, I'll love my man more than gold could ever be worth, so I guess I'd like to think so.

The Dalai Llama said...

Well, if I'm going to leave a comment, it's going to be so you can see it, even though it shows you that I'm an evil man.

I think this is bull crap. There is every bit as much moral variation among women as there is among men. I've known women who would scare you to death, but that's okay because I've known men who were just as bad. I've known men and women with hearts of gold.
By your reasoning, my life would be improved by begging just any old woman into it to, please oh please, make my life complete. Some of the people who have made my life suck the very most have been women. Your gender is not an automatic cure-all for relationships. There's a reason why girls have about ten times as many roommate problems as guys do.

I love girls. I love you. But you're wrong.

Sarah said...

I don't know you but I thought I'd leave a comment.

I think you write beautifully, especially that Olympic imagery incorporating gold, silver, and bronze.

I am also a woman. I agree that there are good guys and good girls, bad guys and bad girls. We can't just judge on gender. Sometimes a great guy will end up with a manipulative, emotionally abusive woman. And visa versa.

Guys - note her preface. She is getting her emotions out. Sometimes, there is an emotional stomachache. When it becomes intolerable, there is a need for emotional vomiting. Only then can one feel better.

She was having a moment, probably based on a recent experience. Don't take her moment personally. :-)

emilyf said...

Sarah, thank you. Really.

J. Coombs said...

Emily- Cro-magnon-esque to me just means "like a caveman" I may have spelled it incorrectly though.
And just FYI, I didn't take your post personally, I understand that venting things emotionally can often be one-sided, or irrational. I usually take these things as a reason to be a better man just to make up for the slobbering beasts that also share my gender! ;)

Jarom X said...

I share your sentiments Mr. Coombs!

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