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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

January's Short Story

Actually, I had the idea for this story and it just kept coming out until 10 thousand and a half words were burnt onto the page. I wrote it in probably eight hours...it just came. I loved it. I hope you can read it all, because you need to start somewhere. I'm going to have eleven more. Hopefully I can keep them shorter, but I think this story needed everything I put in it. Pretty much. But I appreciate your fresh (soon-to-be wet) eyes, so you can drop off your comments. If you're anonymous, however, I think you should say something productive if anything at all. Just sayin. I appreciate encouragement and constructive criticism as much as the next writer. Maybe even more than the next writer. We don't know who he/she is, anyway, so it's hard to tell.

The short stories that I write this year will be on a separate blog. They're too long to post in with the Dramastic writings, and I don't want those delicate and sometimes petite writings to be interrupted by visually intimidating, lengthy posts like Heather's Heart. Heather's Heart is a work of fiction. It is not about my life. I hope it doesn't happen in my life. But many characters are inspired by people very close to me, though I do not intend that these similarities are necessarily reflective of my perceptions of these people. I fictionized many things. But I also felt many real things as I wrote it and it comes direct to you from my tiniest heart fibers... Hope you enjoy. Cheers!

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Andy said...

I have lost track of your email address. Please email it to me. I'm not on Facebook anymore.

Tomorrow, when I'm supposed to be working, I'm going to read your story. I like days when I have something to which I can look forward.

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