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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sure Win

You won't trust anyone.
as long as you kept your heart out of it,
you could whole-heartedly trust.
I'd carve a statue of you, made of words, for the world to ever esteem you, and the monument would crumble before your trust in me could ever fall to pieces.
And words cannot crumble.
And I won't fall to pieces.
I won't fall to pieces.
Nothing is more securely placed in me than trust.
The heart is nothing if not everything.
Which is why I tell you, remove first the heart.
Because then
I won't let you down;
I can't if I'm always above you, never beside you.

See, I trust myself about as much as you love yourself, or hate yourself, depending on which is more endless in depth.


Andy said...

They're both pretty endless in their depth.

And I like to think of this as an early Christmas present. For which I'm awful grateful.

emilyf said...

Oh good, cuz I didn't get you anything else. And I shall consider your flurry of comments my winter gift. merci!

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