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Thursday, February 26, 2009

To Boldly Go

I feel like misusing adverbs unwisely.

I slept smartly most of the night without coughing.
I was helpfully grateful to wake up feeling snarlingly better.
I went to work stonily and drove the bus quite forwardly.
I returned home painlessly.
Hopefully, I ate seaweed rolls and understandingly checked my email.
The sun shone thirstily.
I looked shamelessly out the window.
I blankly took a shower and dressed my body immensely.
I drove sensibly to my parents' house.
The printer repentantly delivered my homework.
I nauseously returned to my apartment.
I rightfully think of nothing.
In this state I type; indisputably.


Goshzilla said...

"... and dressed my body immensely."


This was pretty fun, but if I were you, I'd make sure you kept it away from Stephen King. He'd totally punch you, sister, and right in the shins.

emilyf said...

What does snrk mean exactly? And my shins are like totally punch resistant. By the way...my body isn't immense...unless you mean height-wise. Just to clarify.

Goshzilla said...

Snrk... Huh.

Well, it's just this noise, I guess. The noise you make right before milk shoots out of your nose? That sudden nasal exhalation that precedes a poorly stifled laugh?

Like that, probably.

Man. I wish my shins were punch-proof. Junior High would have been a completely different story.

For whatever reason, I envisioned you in about 7 individual snowsuits (inasmuch as I am able to envision you at all, having never actually seen you*) following that line. It delighted me.

*In my head, you take on the aspect of Uma Thurman, except with the face that adorns your Blog Photo. And you're usually dressed like DJ Lance Rock from "Yo Gabba Gabba". I'm kind of afraid to find out what that says about me.

emilyf said...


If I were to give you any image.... I'll have to think about that.

I had to do research to find out what Yo Gabba Gabba was. Very interesting. That orange might bring out the blue of my eyes...I could see myself wearing the hat regardless....of whatever.

I guess I envision you in the comic book spot-color...and a mix between the hulk and....Chris Farley? He's funny. Or was. What does that say about you that I get that impression?

p.s. I can't dance. I would bring shame to DJ Rock's style. seven snow suits...haha

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