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Friday, January 30, 2009

Me Random Rights

* I am a writer of the Real Life Department, 24th district.
* You are under observation.
* You have the right to remain silent.
* Anything you do or say can and will be used for my own purposes in a future story of mine.
* You have the right to talk to anyone and it is preferable if others are present with you during observations.
* If you cannot actually afford an entertaining entourage, one will be fictitiously appointed for you if I so desire.
* If you become aware that I am observing you, you have the right to end the scrutiny at any time.
* Do you understand each of these rights as I have explained them to you?
* With these rights in mind. . .just beware.


Josh said...

I totally relate to this.

Goshzilla said...

I'm actually quite fond of my current entourage, and find them more than sufficiently entertaining for my purposes. That being said, though, I'm pretty darned curious as to what kind of fictitious folks you would appoint me, in the event my posse didn't pass muster.

I'm hoping that one-- or perhaps even two-- of these ersatz scallywags would be a ninja or otherwise acquainted with the ways of disciplined truculence.

And good grief, I have got to stop reading British novels from the 1800s. It makes me talk funny.

emilyf said...

truculence? Indeed.

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