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Friday, January 02, 2009

A Few of my Least Favorite Things

In honor, somehow, of a new year I treat you to an incomplete list of my dislikes....with a cherry on top...

cherries. well, I like real cherries, but not maraschino cherries (except the stems I can tie with my tongue), cherry flavored candies (excepting candy canes) or other cherry smelling things.

the fact that when I try to think of something random, the first thing that always comes to mind is always watermelon...

when I cry when I'm too frustrated to speak to stand up for myself.

events that merit the phrase: "oh, that so didn't need to happen."

not noticing the expiration date on coupons before check out.

assumption and unnecessary stress from text conversations.

clothes sticking to the body because of excess heat/sweat.

a lack of hand drying instruments in public restrooms.

people that criticize what they know nothing about.

cooking time left on the microwave clock display.

opening the door after putting lotion on hands.

crooked things, i.e. quilts, picture frames, etc.

undesirable people that sit undesirably close.

people that can't admit when they're wrong.

watching movies/television during the day.

incorrect usage of they're, their and there.

the spot in my back that is always sore.

that feeling of remembering too late.

pushy sales people/telemarketers.

people that talk during movies.

sleeping through the alarm.

bored tow truck drivers.

sneezing while driving.

the wrong jelly belly.

when I can't sleep.

sleeping too late.

biting my lip.






Josh said...

Hi Emily,
"cooking time left on the microwave clock display" is a big one for me, too! I have to ask why you put "bored tow truck drivers." There must be a story behind that....

emilyf said...

Oh indeed there is. And the story most likely goes like everyone else's encounter with a tow truck. Just gonna leave my car there for a little bit. It's night, so no one's going to need parking at the bank, obviously. I spy the sorry son of a gun and start running to my mounting car. He spouts some lame excuse that now that he has the car on his truck it's under his liability blah blah blah. He won't give it back. Freakin $80 later he's pulling away with all my cursings on his tail. Kinda went like that.

Jessie said...

I read this post from the bottom to the top...and I agreed with most of the things on your list like: when I can't sleep, incorrect usage of they're, their and there (and other grammar mistakes like to and too), people that criticize what they know nothing about, and one I would like to add is when I lose things...I hate that one.

emilyf said...

Oh I'm with you on that losing stuff thing. It's annoying because you know it HAS to be somewhere, and it's lying there, smugly, unfound.

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