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Monday, December 08, 2008


Somewhere between wanting nothing more than to punch something
And wanting nothing
I went to the gym.
I pedaled hard.

Done already.

Auto pilot drove me home.
Sweet parking spot.

Lucky for me everyone knows I love them
For moments when I bulldoze
Auto pilot, no pilot,

The shower head spouts from the wall below my head.
Hot water.
My Body.
Is steaming.

I rest my elbow on the shower ledge.
I Prop my chin in my hand.
The water traces my back, my calves,
Swirling at my ankles.

I don't know why
I don't care.

Lucky for me sleep washes
Away my don't cares.

A bulldozer will flatten
Weeds for a little while.


Graham P.B. said...

My dog went on an opium kick once. He kind of looked the way you described. You got something we should know? ;-)

Josh said...

Hi Emily!
I did as I threatened and read your blog. Well, not all four years of it (impressively long track record), but certainly the recent stuff. I like your thoughts and insights!

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