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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Post 91

I have an hour and a half before midnight when I'll be taking a quiz that I have to take before 8 am tomorrow morning. I don't do homework as much as possible on Sunday so since I prefer staying awake late to waking up early, I'll be waiting until Monday, i.e. Midnight. It will be a test about candy. I'm excited to read that chapter. The other chapters were not as enjoyable. But I'm a candy nut. I love desserts. I really need to feed this passion and be a cook a good majority of my life. I project that I'll have culinary studies coming up at UVU. I'm just gracing BYU for a little while. One day they'll wish they used inspiration more than bias to accept students into their school when they see how cool I am and that they could have been the ones to brag about it. But I won't let that ever happen. Not me.

Um, I was going to say, there's nothing special about 91. It's just how many posts I have at this point. Actually, one of them is still a draft...I wonder if they count that one or not. I don't think I'll ever post that one. But it started out really well. Anyway, I have favorite posts. This won't be one of them.

Seven/twenty-one/two thousand and eight is the date tomorrow. It's my friend's birthday (I'll never forget that again) and the year anniversary of Axel Giraud's baptism. He's the awesome man of a missionary's dream. Never have I seen anyone so concerned to be completely repentant before his baptism. I know we'll never be perfect (hence why we get baptized) but his intention was real, his desires were pure and to the Lord. And as far as I have heard recently, he's doing really well. I'm so glad about him and his life. When we have God in our life, the joy runs deeper, the problems still flow but the support comes from all sides and we learn oh so much when we rely on the guy who knows everything. I love God. In fact, so much of me loves God, that if you took that part away from me all you'd have left is a piece of meat. Probably not that edible either. Depending on your meat preferences.

I'm very bored so I'll wrap it up here. A few random things first and you'll leave me be: Toffee bananas is not a great dessert. Cell phones seem to rule our relationships. I can't find my spare key. My roommates are so really truly awesome. If I could be an aquatic animal I would choose an octopus and I compared myself to an octopus this evening. I find much pleasure in speaking French. And cooking. I love cooking. It's like 91% of my spare time usage.

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Jessie said...

Hey girl! I didn't know you had a blog! I really enjoyed getting caught up on your life a bit. You're a very talented/entertaining writer.

Anyway, hope to see you soon. Go check out our blog:


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