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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bonne Annee

Hey everybody, time for another update on our favorite French missionary. Soeur Fairchild sent me a letter yesterday, not too long (as is usually the case with the best ones) and I really get the feeling she's losing herself in the work. Not everybody really gets to that point...a lot get close, and do a fine job in the process. Sometimes it feels like an overnight change, and just like humility, being lost in the work is not something one can recognize (because they're related). One thing she said that hit me especially hard is how much she's growing spiritually every time she shares her testimony with people who don't care. (Raise your hand if you know what that's like...) She doesn't let it discourage her, which is an easy mistake to make. We know she's made of sterner stuff though, so it comes as no surprise.

By no means should we ease up on our prayers for her though, because--as any missionary can attest--it never really gets easy. You never get into a 'rhythm' where you can just stop putting effort into it, and I think she knows that. Once she learns how to overcome one trial, a new one will be presented, always with the object of making her stronger. Her skills with the language have surely increased, and now she can contact and teach well enough. Soon she'll be a senior companion, and then it's a whole different ball game.

She's a different and better person than we knew her as when she left, and we all have great reason to be proud of her. Be sure to send your love if you write, and of course, leave a comment here if you have a question.



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