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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Scotland Days

I went to a place in Utah called Thanksgiving Point where dozens of events commence daily. The other day one such event was called something like Highland Scottish Games.....but I can't remember exactly so I call it Scotland Days. My dad went to Scotland on a mission for my church and so I've tasted a tiny bit of (I don't know in the slightest how to spell this word so we'll go with phonetics) shalaylee :) and bagpipe and plaid clothing. But this festival took the haggis. Dancing, bagpipes, sheepherding, dog events, the sheep toss, caber tossing, etc. We saw the world record tie in the mens sheep toss. they take a 20-ish pound sack of hay, stick it with pitch fork and attempt to pitch it over their heads and over a raised bar. You know, pole vaulting for hay (I wonder if they used small sheep at first--omitting use of pitchfork--for it to have that name). Everyone has their own technique and these burly Scots throw it amazing heights. The world record is apparently 35'6" ....I think. I'm sure someone could prove me wrong real quick. I don't want to research it at the moment. Well, maybe that was the height the two competitors were trying to beat the lesser height world record. Anyway, that's hight to toss a bale of hay with a pitchfork. The girls competed too and some couldn't make it 14' which from looking at them looked so easy, but I bet I'd stink at it. The Caber toss is sweet. These big ol' lads take a light pole, pretty much, and run full speed ahead, balancing it in their hands and gut straigt in the air. the idea is to throw it so it lands on its head then flops over as straight as possible out infront of the tosser. like so:
Make sense? :)
Then, the other heavy weight game they played was tossing a heavy weight over a bar, you know, like pole vaulting for heavy weights. It sure was interesting to watch. Oh, and every participant in the games has to wear a kilt, remember. Oh yeah, there was one more game I saw. Just the shot put, really, with a big polished rock. Great times.
It will come as no surprise to most that I got sunburned as my friends and I walked around for hours. Of all the Scottish things there were to purchase there, I bought a hotdog, scone, and later a snow cone. There was one tent filled with things to buy that had old books. I like old things. Everything old has so many stories it could tell, I'm sure. But old books? Sweeeeet. I love books altogether. So old books win the grand prize of my love and attention. Anyway, I got sunburned and now my arm is tanned in layers since I got sunburned before with a longer sleeve shirt on. It's kinda neat. But, talking about it here I see is becoming very boring.
So, I'd love to go to Scotland someday. The whole Great Britain place would be pretty sweet to visit. Next time you're going, let me know. Thanks!

(p.s. the photos take you to some wonderful sites!)


Some random hot, tall, buff, incredibally cool white guy said...

I miss you too!
Love, Anonymous ;)
P.s. I bet you'd look so cute in a kilt!

Muhammad Umar said...

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