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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I went longboarding for the first time in my life on Monday!

These are a bunch of words that supposedly describe me! (bold totally describe me)

introverted, secretive, reclusive, tough, non social, observer, fearless, solitary, libertarian, detached, does not like to lead, outsider, abides the rules, mind over heart, good at saving money, does not like to stand out, does not make friends easily, self sufficient, not aggressive, likes the unknown, unconcerned with external opinion, strong, abstract, independent, very intellectual, analytical, high self control

I took a silly personality test. I disagree with whatever answers brought out "mind over heart." I can never get those two to get along. but the rest sound pretty good. I might add wonderful and funny, too, but you know, those tests are limited.

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