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Friday, March 17, 2006

Book Signing

I first started to peel an orange but I've made a terrible habit lately of biting my nails while my brain is occupied in something like reading or watching a movie. So, I can't peel it. plus, my sister concurs, these oranges we have are just a lot of work moreso than usual oranges. anyway.

I once had a splendid dream that I wrote a book that people loved and I was at a book signing for it. The feeling in my dreams was great, but I can imagine it's just even better in real life. I went to an "author talk and signing" last night that featured Shannon Hale. She signed the two books I've read of hers, Goose Girl and Princess Academy. You can get hooked on the first chapter of her books at squeetus.com. I really like her books, and, as much as I can like someone I don't really know, her. She's funny. I told her the beautiful story of how I came to discover her. "I found your books through your husbands "dreadcrumbs," he's......interesting. And funny. I Found that through Cody McComas." She said the McComas family is great. So anyway, she's my most recent hero. I admire her cuz really, I want to be even half like her, but mostly quite a lot like her. I want to get published. That would be fun. But.....I've got the vision, i just don't work for it. listen to this:

Work without vision is drudgery
Vision without work is dreaming
Work coupled with vision is destiny.
-Thomas S Monson

I sure like that quote. It's truly reminding me to just go for it, work for it. That's what I'm doing with popcorn. so fun still. i'm gonna make green popcorn today. lime, green apple, sour apple, anything else too and I'll just color it uncharacteristically green. Happy st. patty's day friends!


Shannon Hale said...

Hello dear Emily the Hopeful,

I totally forgot St. Patrick's Day this year! i don't even think i work green. yeesh.

I was sorry we didn't have more time to chat at the signing. Here's to drudging away!

Emily F said...

Look who signed my blog too!

so fun for me. Well, Shannon, if ever you come back, I wish we could have chatted more too! Maybe later, maybe later.

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