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Thursday, January 12, 2006

What I Am

Sick. very sick. i've felt vomitous only a couple times; this sickness is using more my throat as a breeding ground. It's a garden for bacteria and/or viruses, hoeing, raking, planting, festering. It hurts to yawn, swallow and sometimes even talk. I have this disgusting spit jar next to my bed. It really smells not good. If you look at it up close you can see swirling saliva dancing with "floatie" fragments of something....It's so gross.

My lovely friend Ty got me a jamba juice (peach pleasure with strawberries instead of bananas--so good, my favorite) with immunity boost mixed in. I swallowed it delicately and when I just couldn't take any more down, I'd put it down and start a-spittin. Right now luckily there's a garbage can a head's turn away for my mouth to forcibly drool into. It's not like spitting so much. Remember when your brother would pin you down and release slimy spit above your horrified face and let it lower slowly until hopefully whipping it back behind his lips-repeat? That's more what I'm doing as I spit.

My body aches too. Sometimes when I wake up my entire body is in a cold sweat. Every pore tingling with wet discomfort. I have never experienced that before. My spine feels like it's twisting and grinding against itself. My neck is swollen like a body builder's. I even took pictures of my sore throat but decided not to make you suffer that. My nose is basically clear. Did you know I can't hock (?) a loogie? I've never been able to get my snot from nose to mouth. I swallow it. but, since swallowing is the last thing my body desires, I'm able to get alarming amounts of snot out of my body if it can't leave by blowing out the nostrils. My knees kinda hurt too. Oh, that jamba juice. it was put in the fridge while I fell asleep again and when my dad opened the fridge and saw it, he ordered my little sister to drink the rest since it couldn't fit in there. So poor her.

Shoot. I'm going to bed. I'm scorching on the inside. I took tylenol pm since the NyQuil was making me sleep like i was in a tornado of nightmares. Good night

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