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Monday, April 18, 2005

My Webster

Every once in a while I'll find myself a word that isn't in any current dictionary (see the name of my blog...) and I really think it should be. Here are a couple of examples:

The latest:
Scandalism-how great would that be?

Smeft-blind people can't see, deaf people can't hear, smeft people can't smell...

easlier-just a slimy way of saying "more easily"

and i also think "ness" should be a word by itself, meaning exactly what it means on the end of any word as "-ness", meaning the state, quality, condition or degree of something, but sometimes it just seems so appropriate by itself.

That's all for now.


Nick Danger said...

infidelitous -adjective describing someone who cheats.

cheetle -the stuff on your fingertips after eating cheetoes

cokelets -particles og food in a drink as a result of backwash

goat-cow -a bad idea that has been acted upon or a baaaaaad mooooove

nick dangerous -adjective when something is so beyond hazardous that dangerous does not apply

Emily F said...

heh, I welcome this with all my heart. I will incorporate your unique vocabulary into my own as much as I can, if you don't mind. gotta love that goat-cow definition!

Emily F said...

hallucinize: fantasies caused not so much by the influence of your own mind...

trest: this definition will be provided by a later post that also uses the word hallucinize or hallucinization.

Sniper16 said...

I'm an (infrequent) Esperantist. We actually do coin such words on the spot and the structure of the vocabulary is such that other Esperantists immediately know what's being said without further explanation.

And in Esperanto, all suffixes can be used as stand-alone words.

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