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Friday, March 11, 2005

A Few of My Favorite Things

When the hanger I use is the same (or close to same) color as the thing I'm haning.

Eating the outer-roasted marshmallow layer, roasting it again, eating it again, and so forth.

Warm M&Ms; when the thin, candy shell breaks into a soft, melted middle.

Sticking my hand in a bucket of dry rice or beans or the like.

Peeling dried Elmer's glue off the palm of my hand.

Jumping on the trampoline when it's super windy.

Vanilla ice cream with Rice Krispies mixed in.

Compliments to/from complete strangers.

Laughing really long at nothing, really.

Drinking milk while eating popcorn.

Cereal with long-lasting crunch.

Clothes fresh out of the dryer.

The smell of wet pavement.

Or freshly mowed lawn.

Being debt-free.

New shampoo.








Nick Danger said...

Amazing, clever and amazing.

Lance said...

mmmm hammocks. my recently made "hammock buddy" got her hammock stollen. Blasted them! There was really something special there... I invited her to come over and hang out on my picnic table rather that the now non existant hammock, but its just not the same. Makes cuddling kinda awkward.

wonder buns! said...

You forgot you like being tickled without mercy!

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